elizabeth (pokadotnecklace) wrote,

i read her journal and she was talking about it being weird me going to baltimore without her..okay well. your dad asked em to go to babysit. you didnt want to and they needed a babysitter. i just dont get why she made that a big deal..ever.

"I've been hanging out with jordan and cassie alot again. Its been fun everytime im with them, just like old times. AwW.. its so good. we are all friends again. I like how they like doing the same shit that i like doing. I miss having friends like that."

thats what she said in one of her entries.
so i guess a better friend is one who likes doing the same things as you? i was never good enough..what? like was I not a good friends cuz i would go with her to have sex with guys who were using me. like what. i was there for her for everything. everything. i really really care about her.

she really hurt.
more than jordan.
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